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[ARTICLE] What Goes On In A Worker Center? Here's What Employers Need to Know.

As union membership continues to decline, worker centers are now taking on much of the role that "traditional" union organizing used to fill. These centers may offer workers free classes, leadership training and legal advice about their jobs.

However, many of these seemingly beneficial centers have strong ties to unions. Unions often provide funding to these worker centers, and union organizers can use the established relationships between centers and workers to advocate for union membership.

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Worker Centers

Employee Engagement Journey

The Employee Engagement Journey

The animosity between political parties has been pronounced over the past decade, and many of the policies established by President Obama have been hotly contested by the Republican-dominated Congress. This kept Human Resources professionals in a constant state of confusion, as laws related to employment, labor and benefits were passed and rescinded....

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Employee Relations Dream Team

[NEW REPORT] How To Build An Employee Relations Dream Team

No matter if you're a team of one or have a staff of dozens, getting the right talent into the right positions will help you create and build your UnionProof culture. 

Includes the 3 teams you need, a structural overview, job descriptions and more!

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18 Things UnionProof Companies Do Differently

Ever wonder how other companies prevent the stress and cost third-party intervention in their business? Here are 18 proven differences between companies that stay union-free year after year and those that spend time combatting union organizing and elections.

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UnionProof Certification

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