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[ARTICLE] Why HR Pros Need Labor Relations Knowledge

More and more, Human Resources professionals are being called upon to have a wide range of skills - data and analytics to understand engagement, behavioral psychology to understand employees... even labor relations to understand union organizing. 

The best way HR professionals can help their companies avoid a costly labor struggle is to get educated themselves, and stay proactive. Millennials in today’s workforce believe in “doing it for themselves,” and unions can seem more attractive to these younger employees. If you, as a true HR professional, are well trained about organized labor, you can prevent union organization even before it happens, by creating a UnionProof culture. Here's a primer on everything you need to know now.

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Labor Relations Knowledge

SHRM Recertification

[LIVE EVENT] Social Media and Positive Employee Relations Workshop 

On Wednesday, April 18th,  Projections' CEO Walter Orechwa, Courtney Cherry from Reputation Partners, and Peter List from Labor Union Report will be providing a wealth of information in a 4-hour post-conference workshop at CUE's Spring Conference in Tampa. If your organization wants to make the most of social media without creating a PR nightmare, this is the workshop for you!

  • How you can develop your internal social media policy.
  • How unions are utilizing social media now
  • Using social media to reach out to employees, including best practices from Boeing and others.
  • Community outreach and employee audiences via Facebook tools, including examples from recent organizing campaigns.
  • How to educate your employees on the need for "online safety," and why it is important for employees to protect their personal information and signature on-line.
  • PLUS earn 3.5 SHRM Continuing Education Credits!

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Online Safety For Employees: Explained!

Brand new for 2018! Policies won't protect your company from the online approach unions are using today. With innocent-looking third-party apps and websites that promise to help workers, unions are gathering data, measuring receptiveness to their messages and approaching employees only after gaining insight into their concerns.

Educate your employees on what they need to do to to protect themselves online from these underground tactics.

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Labor Communication Strategy

[FREE EMAIL SERIES] Your Five-Day Communication Strategy

Get this simple roadmap to engaging employees and building your UnionProof culture. This email series provides the knowledge you need to get started with your strategic approach to labor communication!

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UnionProof Certification

Become the most trusted labor relations professional in the room! With UnionProof Certification, you'll get 24 sessions of in-depth knowledge, plus interactive exercises that help you apply what you've learned to complete your session quiz. Once you've completed all 24 sessions, take your final exam to become UnionProof Certified! 

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