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Instantly deliver clear and compelling messages with which employees can connect.

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Get UnionProof, Address Organizing, or Coach your Leaders - you can present the company's union-free philosophy without resorting to heavy-handed tactics.

Create A UNIONPROOF Culture

You'll have a proven strategy to build the strongest workforce in your industry, minimizing third-party involvement.

For Attorneys and Consultants

Finding resources you can be proud to share with your clients can take time and money you just don't have. If you're a professional in the labor relations field, Insider Access is for you. With hundreds of options at your fingertips for educating, engaging, and training employees and leaders, your clients will turn to you as their trusted adviser.

For Company Representatives

If you're a company representative, UnionProof Insider Access and instant online streaming are a key element of your employee engagement strategy. Register as an Insider member today to see full-length program previews, purchase instant access to the programs you need, plus manage your account, get discounts and begin using the UnionProof Toolbox. 


Keeping it relevant

Jeremy Reavis - ODFL

I wanted to thank you and your team for the level of customer service, responsiveness, professionalism in helping us tackle these topics as it relates to our business. Your partnership with us in applying all of these products towards our organizational needs has been outstanding!


Communication is Key

Robin Briscoe - Lowes

Excellent! Great video with good information and advice for all company leaders, no matter what industry. I agree...communication is key.


Surpassed all Expectations

Richard Hankins - McGuireWoods LLC

Projections has always been great to work with. But this time you surpassed all expectations. We placed incredibly unreasonable demands on your team, and they delivered without flinching.


It's about culture

Mark Codd - Publix

With over 3 decades in this space, Projections is uniquely positioned to help employers maintain a direct relationship with their employees. Projections gets it right- it's about culture.

6 Reasons Why UNIONPROOF 
is the #1 Communication Choice For Thousands of Companies

UnionProof certification

We'll Help You Create A Team of UnionProof Professionals.

Becoming the most knowledgeable labor relations professional in the room isn't something that happens overnight, but with UnionProof Certification, you can arrive there more quickly than you'd ever imagined. Don't be lost in the everyday details - get a big picture view and create a strategy that will help build your UnionProof Culture.

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You Belong Here.

Connect with your tribe - the people who understand what it takes to create positive employee relations and keep team members from turning to a union. When you join the Insider Network, you'll get connected to those who have been where you are..  

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labor relations professionals

modern union organizing video

You'll Never Be At a Loss For the Right Message.

With instant online access to hundreds of titles (many in multiple languages!), you're sure to have just the right communication for your audience. From a proactive approach and getting union-proof to addressing union organizing attempts, you'll always have the right strategy at your fingertips. 

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After Nearly 40 Years In Corporate Communications, We Can Help You Meet Your Goals

The UnionProof team at Projections has been helping companies connect with employees since 1979. That means we know what it takes to reach your goals. Every member of our team has over 10 years of experience in labor relations, communication, and union organizing campaigns. Our in-house facilities mean that speed and efficiency are second-nature. 

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UnionProof Team at Projections

leadership training

You'll Create Better Leaders.

Get access to videos, websites, and eLearning opportunities to help your leaders keep their skills sharp and their abilities strong. Choose from training focused on remaining union-free, innovative monthly leadership topics, even role-playing scenarios. A Better Leader - it's what everyone wants!

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You'll Get The Latest Developments.

Keeping up with the latest employment and labor news can be a challenge. You'll either see the same story multiple times or realize you missed something entirely! Readers of "Join The Conversation" share their Monday updates with their teams to make sure they're never caught off-guard. From legal developments to organizing campaigns, we've got the top news, straight from the source. 

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