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Get the resources you need to build a Union Proof culture for your company! Don’t see just the message you’re looking for here? Our team is standing by to craft your custom video, website or interactive eLearning to address your unique needs.


Whether you choose custom production or the pre-produced resources below, your Union Proof strategy includes trusted, innovative employee communication resources that will keep your Company union-free, while inspiring and motivating your employees!


The Union Proof team is dedicated to providing the best in communication resources, designed specifically to improve the employer-employee relationship. Let us help you positively impact the bottom line by creating an environment where unions are unnecessary.


Educate Employees

New Hire Orientation

Share your union-free philosophy and motivate and inspire employees from Day One with this affordable resource

Custom Labor Relations Orientation

Assess your company’s vulnerability to union organizing, and create a custom Orientation message to reduce your risk factors


Help employees see the risk of unionization -and realize they still have time to make a difference.


A perfect introduction to the topic of staying union-free


Get our free report on organized labor’s secret online weapons! UnionFree.com is a custom website, dedicated to keeping your company union-free. Provide union-specific information, dues and strike calculators, info on card signing, union finances and more!

The Ultimate Defense Kit

For companies that truly want to create a Union Proof culture, The Ultimate Defense Kit is the perfect educational tool for all employees.

Little Card, Big Trouble

Free Report on What Unions Don’t Want you To Know about Cardsigning! This resources has been trusted for over 25 years by thousands of companies, and this all-new version will stop cardsigning in under 17 minutes!

Little Card, Big Trouble Canadian

Available in 14 different versions, for every province, this resource addresses Canadian card signing laws, and will help stop card signing.

Push Back

Show employees that they aren’t helpless in the face of an unwanted organizing drive - they have the power to meet the union head-on to positively impact their workplace.

Expedited Elections Explained

“Ambush” elections are now the law, and building a union proof workforce means that employees understand what that means.

NLRA Training: Speak Up!

Your Union Proof employees need to know their rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

Modern Organizing Tactics

Being aware of the tactics union organizers use today helps employees understand their risk of unionization. Share this message to open their eyes.

Right To Work: Explained!

Union Proof cultures begin with knowledge and open doors - and today's politics demand that employees know their rights ... and understand their right to work.


Train Managers

Supervisors Can Keep You Union Free

6 Modules of highly interactive eLearning that will provide managers with the knowledge they need to address labor issues and recognize and address union organizing

Your Best Defense

A quick and to-the-point introduction to the topic of labor unions for managers and supervisors who may not have had previous education on the topic.


Create a custom-built website, dedicated to remaining union-free. Includes access to all the information your managers need to support them in helping keep the company union free, all in one place!

Catch Phrase

Your management team knows the principles and concepts behind remaining union-free, but do they know how to apply it? This interactive eLearning OR faciltator-led training will help them turn knowledge into action

Expedited Elections Explained

“Ambush” elections are now the law, and building a union proof workforce means that managers understand what that means to them and to their team.

A Better Leader

Union Proof workplaces begin with leaders who have exceptional skills, and these monthly eLearning session deliver fresh new content that keep your leaders engaged and your workforce union-free


Build A Strategy

5 Days to a Union-Free Strategy

Free tutorial that will get you started with your communication plan


One Complete Online Package of videos, websites, and eLearning, dedicated to your labor communication needs! ProofBox is your instant go-to library for a whole range of practical, powerful and engaging ways to promote positive employee relations.

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